Updating Checkclipse to a new Checkstyle Version

We have to admit, that we are sometimes (always?) a little bit slow with releasing new versions of Checkclipse when a new version of Checkstyle is released (we try to improve this). In such cases you can help yourself, by updating only the Checkstyle jar files in the plug-in.

Note: It always might happen, that Checkstyle changes the API with a new major release. In this cases Checkclipse might not (or not correcly) work with this new release. If you hit such a problem, open a bug report at the project homepage at sourceforge .

The following explains how to update the Checkclipse Plugin to a new Checkstyle version.

  1. First you have to get the current version of Checkstyle you want to use.

    Either way, you need the files checkstyle-all-Version.jar and checkstyle-optional- Version.jar.

  2. Locate the plug-ins home directory. This should be at eclipse-install-dir /plugins/de.mvmsoft.checkclipse_Version

  3. Copy the files checkstyle-all- Version .jar and checkstyle-optional- Version .jar to the subdirectory lib in the plug-ins home directory.

  4. Edit the file plugin.xml in the plug-ins home directory to add the jars to the plugin classpath.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
    <?eclipse version="3.0"?> 
      name="Checkclipse Style Checker" 
      provider-name="Marco van Meegen" 
        <library name="checkclipse.jar"/> 
        <library name="lib/checkstyle-all-Version.jar" />
        <library name="lib/checkstyle-optional-Version.jar" />
  5. Start eclipse with the parameter -clean. This has to be done once, so that eclipse updates it internal plugin registry.